These are the therapists who work in Atha.
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Foto Chusi


“My goal is to support people to achieve their own goals”

Chusi is a Humanist Coach, specialized in Emotional Intelligence for
adults and children. Her sessions are oriented towards the personal growth of people for their own personal management of their lives, in the personal sphere, as a couple, family, work, children, etc.
Foto Rocio


Rocío is a superior technician in Integral Aesthetics and Well-being, trained in sensory massage techniques, and specialized in facials.
Her goal is to help you feel great about yourself and your skin. For this, she has created an offer based on an integrative method of skin and facial care, with the combination of the best artisan techniques from different countries, the fusion of advanced natural methods, and the use of exclusive natural formulas.

Foto Elvira


“My goal is to accompany you on your path to optimal health by achieving the right balance in your life”

Elvira has always considered that it is necessary to treat people in an integrative way, that is, in all levels (body, mind, spirit and emotions) in the search for optimal health and well-being. For this she uses therapies such as Reiki, coaching, massages, Bioneuroemotion®, yoga and Access Bars®.

Foto Daisy


“A massage is a journey to your interior that promotes health, well-being and opens a door to an expanded consciousness through your skin”

Since Daisy was aware that the body is the vehicle that transports the soul, she dedicated herself to caring for it and respecting it. It is for this reason that she has been 7 years dedicating herself to the Magical world of Holistic Aesthetics.
With her therapies you will learn to know your body, improve your habits, helping you take care of your spiritual interior and exterior.

Nuestra terapeuta Alba


Alba is a chiromassage practitioner, holistic therapist, trained therapist in LNT ® (quantum therapy) and a kundalini activation facilitator (KAE)Ⓡ.

For 12 years she has been dedicated to performing complementary therapies that help people to their personal and spiritual transformation.

“I would love to accompany you in your internal healing process with different techniques and therapies that I have to offer you.
Finding your true essence is not an easy path but everything is within us; we just have to allow ourselves to shine again.”

Foto Patricia Sánchez


Psychologist, specialist in systemic therapy.
Collegiate number: AO-13069.

Her job is to accompany you and help you overcome difficult situations and achieve your goals. To do this, and through psychotherapy, you will understand how the problem works, unmasking the processes that maintain it and generating the change you need, through your personal resources and skills. Always in a safe, trustworthy and non-judgmental space.

Patricia works from the systemic approach, solution-focused therapy, MRI brief therapy, narrative and structural therapy.
She performs individual, couples and family therapy.

Foto Respira

Respira Yoga

Chusi and Ángel are the founders of Respira Yoga Emocional, a project that they lovingly bring to the mat. Their goal is to enhance our emotional intelligence through the practice of yoga and thus not only learn to take care of body and mind and be calm with oneself on the mat, but also in daily life.
They offer Yoga for adults and Children’s Yoga.
For all audiences.