Our classes are perfect to transform the way you communicate with your body and start listening to it in a more conscious way, while strengthening and toning your muscles while respecting the limits of your body.

Children's Yoga

We practice yoga through games of asanas where we move our bodies, train our minds with Mindfulness activities, meditate with our breathing, and learn about our emotions through Emotional Intelligence.
Class offered by Respira Yoga.

Conscious Hatha Yoga

We train observation, flexibility, strength and physical, mental and emotional balance through our sessions where we include asanas, breaths and conscious movement.
For all audiences.
Class offered by Respira Yoga.

Adapted Yoga

We use chairs as a tool to adapt our practice and thus give our body the support and time it needs. It is a practice where we include chair, standing and floor asanas, breathing and conscious movement.
Class offered by Respira Yoga.

We currently have these classes but we keep growing!
If you are a teacher and would like to contribute by working with us, do not hesitate to contact us.